A concept design for the new Adidas EQT shoe range. The main focus for the site was to create a more interactive way of exploring all trainer details from preview to basket within a minimal interface to bring more impact to each product. Responsible for: Concept • UI/UX • Interaction Design • Web Design • Video Production • Animation
Talent Engage
I popped into Talent for a chat and picked up a project to re-invent their recruiting process to take them to the next level. As the only UX/UI designer involved I had to create the entire strategic process introducing at least 80% new functionality to the existing site with the main focus on intuitive layouts and maximizing on all new data created throughout the site. Lots of prototyping and over 100 UI screens created. Responsible for: Concept • Digital Strategy • User Research • User Personas • Wireframing • UI/UX • Interaction Design • Web Design • Mobile Design • Icon Design
Trakd is a personal App project I’m creating to allow users to explore outdoor interests based on tailored information, to encourage users to find and experience new possibilities. Responsible for: Concept • Business Strategy • Branding • UI/UX • Interaction Design • App & Website Design • Photography • Video Production
Crown Resorts
I was given the opportunity to completely overhaul Crown Resorts websites from the ground up. With an ever growing worldwide market, Crown identified the need for a stronger global presence to enable them to find new opportunities for growth whilst at the same time servicing an ever-growing audience of mobile users. I spent a lot of time on-site with Crown to fully understand internal operations across all business sectors, Hotels, Shops, Restaurants and Casinos. The main challenge was removing the 17 live websites Crown had built up over the years and reducing it to a single platform allowing each business sector to share live data, smarter and faster, creating combined automated offers for the first time in Crown's history. Responsible for: Concept • Digital Strategy • Service Design • User Research • Wireframes • UI/UX • Interaction Design • App & Website Design • Video Production • Animation
Cayman GT4
Porsche site concept. Bringing together my love of cars and digital design. Sometimes you see a really nice image of a car and wonder what the site would look like....wonder no more! Responsible for: Concept • UI/UX • Web Design • Interaction Design
Pizza Hut
I was given the opportunity to re-design the new Pizza Hut site for the New Brand re-launch campaign coming in 2018. Lots of user settings and form fields to get your teeth into, along with the odd pizza! Responsible for: Digital Strategy • UI/UX • Interaction Design • Web Design • Icon Creation • Illustration
Parkletics App is the next generation fitness experience. Government-funded exercise equipment placed across the UK's parks to create a habitual exercise lifestyle for everyone. Responsible for: Concept • Strategy • Brand • App UI/UX • Web design • Interaction Design
The Trouble With Series
The 'Trouble with' Series is an idea I'm working on to create interactive storytelling apps and games with the possibility of turning them into a series of children's books. Responsible for: Concept • Branding • Character Design • Illustration • 3D Modelling • UI UX • App & Website Design • Animation
Cartoon Network Minimatch
With over 4 million monthly unique visitors, Cartoon Network ran a top 10 children’s site and gaming portal. For their first virtual world, Cartoon Network needed a solution that would scale to their impressive traffic, integrate with an existing user database, and an API for integrating Cartoon Network developed games. But most importantly, they wanted a kick-ass product for 8 to 12-year kids! Responsible for: Concept • Idea Generation • Environment Design • 3D Modeling • Animation • Art Direction
Cross Country Trains
Seasonal 3D animation for a year-long campaign. A great 3D modelling project. The client was needing the train to be 100% perfect in every way, who knew train fronts had so many angles! Responsible for: Research • Environment Design • 3D Modeling • Animation • Art Direction
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