Client: Cartoon Network | Agency: Komodo
Responsible for: Idea Generation, Design, 3D Modeling, Animation, Art Direction
With over 4 million monthly unique visitors, Cartoon Network run a top 10 children’s site and gaming portal. For their first virtual world Cartoon Network needed a solution that would scale to their impressive traffic, integrate with an existing user database, and an API for integrating Cartoon Network developed games. But most importantly, they wanted a kick ass product for 8 to 12 year old boys!
At launch MiniMatch attracted over 5 million players in the first week and supported over 12,000 concurrent players – at peak load each node of the server delivered over 250,000 messages per second! Thats nearly 1 billion transactions per hour! It was able to successfully created buzz and traffic for the launch of FusionFall, Cartoon Networks download.
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